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At the very least, you should mention this in the readme and on the modification page.

Oh, and Flux BB v1.4.5 obviously Running on Lighttpd 1.4.28, with SQLite 2.8.17 and PHP 5.3.6, accelerated by XCache ... Then I noticed I had missed the ' ', added them but that didn't change anything either ...

@Igor Khomenko : I tried a very simple use case, I sent Message to a User who is already logged out, Now when that user logs in He/She should receive message that was sent, but He didn't received that Message.

I am using Quick Blox and tried this thing with Sample provided with Quick Blox SDK.

Meer informatie, zoals over hoe je je instellingen kunt aanpassen, vind je hier: cookiebeleid.

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When I go to @pauligrinder: I'm sure your problem comes from SQLite, but I have no idea how to solve it, sorry @Kid Castro: check the CSS file (chat/css/shoutbox.css) for a height property about #ajax Chat Content #ajax Chat Chat List Hi adaur, I'm curious...there any way to make the Shoutbox/Chat private and only available to members?

Currently Guests are not able to see anything on my forums as it's a closed community.


Hi, very nice looking modification you got there I'm just testing out flux BB and its' modifications, and came across this neat thingy.