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"Both we and Sony are investing in 4K as the future of the industry," said Albert Penello, Senior Director of Product Management and Planning at Xbox told Polygon."Xbox has a history of adding features to hardware revisions as part of our strategy." Earlier in the day, Microsoft addressed the Play Station Pro's lack of a 4K Blu-Ray player in a tweet, pointing to the fact that the Xbox One S has one.It’s designed to offer heightened gaming experiences, whether via your existing HDTV or a new 4K TV.With its increased performance over the standard PS4, PS4 Pro represents a first for Play Station — and in many ways, for console gaming.

If the version number of the system update file you used for updating the system is displayed in the [System Software] field, this means that the update was completed successfully.

We’re excited by this vision, but we know many of you will have questions.

That’s why we’ve built our latest Ultimate FAQ below.

A Reddit leak suggested the highly anticipated patch, which brings with it external HDD support, would go live today.

And while that so far has not happened VG 24/7 said a release for the PS4 4.50 update could happen either today or on Wednesday March 8.

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If you’re playing a normal, non-VR game on your PS4 Pro, PS VR’s Processor Unit will output a 4K signal to a 4K TV — but in the YUV420 format only.