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There are many beautiful beaches close to the city.

There are also many seafood restaurants, historical sites and monuments.

Many of these topics were tackled on the first day in a press conference with ICANN chairman Vint Cerf, CEO and president Paul Twomey, local host Pedro Veiga and Portugese IT minister Prof. One of the most productive elements of the meeting was a series of agreements signed between ICANN and various cc TLDs and ALAC representatives.

I loved all the gorgeous tile work and colorful buildings. We were only here for about four days, but we were able to explore quite a bit of the city within that time.

The end of the street opened up to “Praça do Comércio”, also known as the Palace’s Square as it’s where the royal palace stood until it was destroyed by the Great Earthquake of 1755. the one with white tables as it was the most summery-looking, nabbed ourselves a front row seat and settled in for the next hour. Sun-kissed and tipsy, we realised that time was slipping away from us and we needed to get our skates on if we wanted to scrub up for our hot dinner date. (bizarrely placed) modern tuk-tuk (did anyone else know that these are a thing outside of Asia?! B was our restaurant of choice for the evening, with stellar reviews online. Polishing off the dregs of our fruity fishbowls, we moved on to a recommended bottle of red, ‘Post Scriptum’ (€33.00), to accompany our steaks.

) With the speediest turn-around ever, we made our dinner reservation bang on . Even at the end of our 4-day stint I still hadn’t come around to the late night eating way of life of the southern Europeans…

Built following Gustave Eifell’s style by another French engineer of his school, the 45m tall Neo-Gothic elevator is still in use and allows a quick & convenient ascension to Bairro Alto (aka ‘pub street’) providing spectacular views of the red-roofed city, the São Jorge Castle and the Tagus River beyond. I’m not the biggest cheesecake fan (being one for texture and therefore always disappointed with anything less than a biscuit ratio), but K.

Abi & I remained with the Asian paparazzi on ground-level versus heading up as the sound of seagulls seemed to be growing ever-closer. Little did we know that this was to become our ‘spot’ for the remaining days to come. Both were generous in size, with the plump, juicy shrimps being my preference to the octopus, which I thought had a slightly strange texture (to be honest, I think I had been envisaging and craving squid! We were also given a traditional Portuguese croquette (€2.50) to sample, which was completely unlike any croquette I’ve had before with no cheese or potato in sight, and a pure meat filling.

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Abi & I took advantage of the late May bank holiday weekend and squeezed in a fly-by trip to Lisbon to drink, eat and sight-see ourselves silly.