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Over the course of its five seasons to date, six episodes have focused on LGBT characters: two about lesbians, two about gay men, and two about transgenders.

The first three episodes—one about murderous lesbians, one about a killer gay man, and one about a female-to-male serial killer—aired in the first two seasons of The most progress was made in the representation of transgenders, but even that improvement was limited by the fact that the killer in the episode was a psychotic male-to-female transgender who killed other (more sympathetic) MTFs.

Kate and Julia’s violent reaction to Woods’ threat to expose them as lesbians is a classic TV example of internalized homophobia exploding in homicide.

27), with a two-hour movie (CBS, 9 p.m.) that allows one of the most influential and successful shows in TV history to take a well-deserved final bow.

The team works out Sean took a surprising interest in school janitor Laurent, a survivor of the Rwandese ethnic mass-killings, and the twist in their relationship.

It will serve as a kind of memory book, with original lead investigators Gil Grissom (William Peterson) and Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) returning to the fold.

They will join the current team, led for the last four years by D. Russell (Ted Danson), to help stop one last batch of ultra-bad guys with the tools of their trade: microscopes, DNA evidence, analytic computer programs and other impressive high-tech stuff.

Was that happy ending for Grissom and Sara everything you'd dreamt of?

Were you happy with Catherine's fate, promoted to Crime Lab Director?

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