Norton motorcycle dating

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Norton motorcycle dating

In chronological order, Ian down in Devon has added a restored '29 CJ to his Norton collection.

Matchless was the trading name of Collier & Sons, the father Henry Herbert Collier and his sons Charlie and Harry. Like many motorcycle manufacturers of the time, they had started as bicycle manufacturers.It is often the case that cars and bikes become good buys at the end of their production lives.By then, the manufacturer has resolved all the bugs and added every conceivable extra.A drive chain was developed to replace the belt drive and although production was delayed by the First World War the Model 16 as it became known gained a Sturmey Archer gearbox and had a racing heritage that included 21 world records.In 1921 Norton launched the 'Colonial' which was a Model 16 with higher ground clearance for use on poor quality roads, and designated the UK model as the 16H (for 'Home').

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It is, nevertheless, a matching numbers bike despatched in April 1929.

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