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Hpv and dating questions

The only thing that is really changing is that there are no more symptoms of the virus.Does your report go beyond just clearing up the warts and possibly making the person noncontagious?Some types of HPV cause bumpy genital warts that do not cause cancer.Other types of HPV are more serious and may cause cancer of the cervix, penis, vulva, anus and throat.You said it has been 4 years since you’ve seen any sign of warts.I’ve done research, and it seems that even if the warts are not visible (they seem to be gone), they are still in your blood stream?

Three out of four women will have an HPV infection at some time in their lives.The emotional toll of dealing with HPV is often as difficult as the medical aspects and can be more awkward to address.This may be the area where you feel most vulnerable, and the lack of clear counseling messages can make this even more stressful, especially where relationships are concerned.This can make it difficult to know when you first became infected.If you find out that you have HPV, you should work with your doctor to come up with a plan of action.

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We regularly receive questions about what to tell either a current or future sex partner about HPV, for example.