Cdc dating violence prevention

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For this reason, there is no single profile that can reliably predict who will use a gun in a violent act.

Instead, gun violence is associated with a confluence of individual, family, school, peer, community, and sociocultural risk factors that interact over time during childhood and adolescence.

Peer into the relationship dynamics of three teen couples to learn about a healthy dating relationship, unhealthy dating relationship, and concerning relationship that highlights educator intervention.

Test the knowledge you’ve gained and reflect on how this information can be applied to your work with teens in a meaningful way.

is a free, online course available to educators, school personnel, youth mentors, and others dedicated to improving teen health.

This Guide and website are provided for informational purposes only.Although many youths desist in aggressive and antisocial behavior during late adolescence, others are disproportionately at risk for becoming involved in or otherwise affected by gun violence.The most consistent and powerful predictor of future violence is a history of violent behavior.Sexual violence (SV) is a significant problem in the United States.SV refers to sexual activity when consent is not obtained or not given freely.

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Raising awareness of the problem can help prevent premature death.