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Cost estimation models are mathematical algorithms or parametric equations used to estimate the costs of a product or project.

The results of the models are typically necessary to obtain approval to proceed, and are factored into business plans, budgets, and other financial planning and tracking mechanisms.

Objectives To derive and validate a new clinical risk prediction algorithm (QThrombosis, to estimate individual patients’ risk of venous thromboembolism.SLIM (Software LIfecycle Management) is the name given by Putnam to the proprietary suite of tools his company QSM, Inc. It is one of the earliest of these types of models developed, and is among the most widely used.Closely related software parametric models are Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO), Parametric Review of Information for Costing and Evaluation – Software (PRICE-S), and Software Evaluation and Estimation of Resources – Software Estimating Model (SEER-SEM).Its core purpose is to help organizations improve their software engineering capabilities and develop or acquire the right software, defect free, within budget and on time, every time.Step Seven: Estimate Validation and Review At this point in the process, your estimate should already be reasonably good-but it may not be as good as you think.

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These algorithms were originally performed manually but now are almost universally computerized.