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And I have found that men are attracted to confident women.

That’s right – men like and prefer to date confident women.

I’ve found in daygame, women here are incredibly receptive and open minded.

I’ve never had a bad reaction, or bitchy attitude (knock on wood).

The truth is that one of the most attractive traits a woman can have is confidence.

This blog will discuss the reasons why men like confident women.

Still there are plenty of bars and clubs to choose from for every niche. But you do get those stretches of perfect, moderate weather in early summer and late spring.

As the Phoenix Matchmaker, I talk to men every day about who they are looking for, what attracts them and what makes a man want to commit to a long term relationship.

After each match, I talk to my matchmaking male clients to find out what they feel the date.

He approached me about this during one of my exams to clear the air of those rumors while a tech was in the room to hear and witness him clear the air and put the rumors to rest.

My eyes are healthy again (I was being treated for the eye condition for the past 3 1/2 months), I will no longer be his patient...except for once a year eye exams.

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They don’t have the vibe of California girls, but hey, it’s Canada.

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