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Book worms characters dating

They’re also more adept at their ability to consider and respect the opinions of others without losing grasp of their own point of view.

So, a reader would be able to debate someone in a much more thoughtful and productive way than a person who did not possess this knack for understanding the opinions of others.

There’s just something about getting lost in a compelling story.

Books are wonderful, and it makes me sad when people say they don’t like reading.

The kind whose room is filled with Faulkner, Hemingway and Chaucer.

The woman who defines loneliness as a life without books.

I carry books around with me and always am in the middle of two or three at a time.

Book store dates, constant references to fictional characters, post book sob sessions- all these would sound familiar to you if you have the hots for your bookworm friend.

There’s something about them when they drift away in their own fictional world, and then come back to reality with a start, isn’t it?

When I finish a book, I feel like I’m literally grieving a loss because it’s over.

If you’re a bookworm, you’ll definitely understand these things: 1.

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