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As that résumé suggests, druids feature rather prominently in this book, alongside Wiccans and Indian sages.In the early chapters, he attempts to find a syncretic basis for nakedness among various religious traditions, but his readings are shallow and selective.Early work included both fashion and editorial alongside her documentary projects, which is the mainstay and passion of her work today.“My work is about the extraordinary realities of ordinary people’s everyday lives, revealing their individual characteristics and ways of being that one so often overlooks.” It was on her first trip to Arizona in 1988, that she discovered an obsession for America and American culture.We really didn’t care if things didn’t go together, it was just meant to be a reflection of the everyday with just a hint of something special.We shot a vast amount of footage throughout the year leading up to the wedding, edited it into a film and played it after the ceremony on the big screen whilst everyone ate popcorn.Guests were asked to bring a bottle to join the newlyweds’ healthy stock of spirits and celebratory Prosecco.

Her work in Las Vegas is the epitome of this, where the line between fantasy and reality is constantly blurred.We first fell in love with the idea of whimsical Alice in Wonderland themed weddings when we featured this photo shoot from Erika at Photo Madly back in 2012 and then we swooned all over again with Victoria and Martin’s Mad Hatters Tea Party reception at Fabrica in Brighton last we’ve featured here on Love Sussex Weddings and we love it.Foreigner: Migration into Europe 2015-2016 is a response to the media coverage of the European migration phenomenon. In 2010 we got hold of a copy of ‘Dead Eagle Trail’, a photographic documentation of America’s 21st century cowboys.


) and hair, makeup flowers and not forgetting, their out- of –this- world cake being lovingly made by creative friends.