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I'm with my family right now, so I'm thinking about what we'll do tonight." "For the last couple of years I have wanted to go to Africa, go on a safari, and do some philanthropic work.

Just experience life and things you can't do and see every day.

I hardly wear any makeup when it's just me hanging out. When we were shooting Safe Haven in North Carolina, it was extremely hot. I'm traveling, and trying to figure out what works for me in different locations. They're so uplifting, motivational, and inspirational that by the end of it you want to cry, you’re so inspired, and you feel like you can conquer the world afterward.

Toward the end we were shooting 20 hours a day, and sleeping just four. So I love doing that first thing on a Monday morning and starting my week like that. I'll put it in a frying pan, add a little olive oil, some salt and pepper, and go to town. I look like I've gained 5 pounds but I've actually gained 20.

She was raised in a strict Mormon community in a dusty Utah suburb.

While both parents held joint legal care, “the Mother should provide the physical residency for Julianne and Katherine, and the Father should provide the physical residency for Derek and Marabeth,” papers say. Inside The 16 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces Of All Time Derek and Julianne were once again brought together the following year when their parents sent the budding ballroom dancers off from their native Utah to London dance school Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts.

After turning heads in the 2011 remake of Footloose and holding her own against Hollywood heavyweights Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin in Rock of Ages last year, Hough (pronounced "huff") will soon grace big screens in a starring role opposite Josh Duhamel in Safe Haven, a romance adapted from the novel by Nicholas Sparks. They take my mind off of everything stress-related, and I get my playtime. I cut up vegetables and put apple cider vinegar on them, with salt and pepper.

Here, the Utah native shares her health and well-being tips. Whatever you put in your body -- food or anything internally -- is going to show up there. I love La Mer's tinted moisturizer, Voluminous Mascara by L'Oreal, and L'Oreal's Crayon Grande Lipcolor -- not lipstick, not a gloss. I also sleep as much as possible, and drink tons of water. If I'm hungry or thirsty I don't always know which -- I just know I'm craving something. Or snack on some hummus." I'm trying to get into a routine right now. Right now I'm loving Soul Cycle [a full-body workout using weights and resistance bands while riding a recumbent cycle]. It's not only a great workout and you sweat your butt off, but I just love the instructors.

In their People cover story, super-close star siblings Derek and Julianne Hough open up about their parents’ “difficult” divorce— and now Radar can reveal exclusive details about the devastating split.

In Marriann and Bruce Hough’s official divorce decree, written in March 1998, when Derek was 12 and Julianne was just 9 years old, the couple vowed they would remain dedicated to their four minor children. The siblings also share an older sister, Sharee.) READ the Hough family’s divorce decree “The parties both have loving and valuable relationships with their children, and agree to work together to support those relationships,” Utah court documents state.

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