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As an online dating expert and coach, I believe in truth-in-advertising.

After all, once you meet in person, if you've lied about some obvious things in your profile, it will be a bad experience for everyone involved.

In her book, “The Perils of Cyber-Dating,” released in September, Spira aims to inform dating site users — particularly women — of the many “red flags” of online dating.

There are a lot of risks, Spira said, who claims that misrepresentation is a common problem.

“The closeness gained from expressing those emotions and feelings externally is a dimension of a relationship that shouldn't be left out.” While many will claim that they want to be surprised with a dinner on the beach at sunset…with a string quartet playing in the background, no one is going to object to a simple text message saying “thinking of you.” The idea of Finding the right person is half the battle.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to ramp up your flirting skills.

Go ahead and wish that secret crush in the office a Happy Valentine’s Day. If they tell you they don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, be spontaneous and suggest going to a casual dinner or movie.

Log onto Open and see if there are any restaurants in your area and price range that you’d like to check out. I’m a big fan of online dating and it’s peak season for new members on dating sites. If you’re already a member of an Internet dating site, log on and see who has recently winked at you, flirted with you, or viewed your profile.

Jump out of your digital comfort zone and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Chances are they’ll enjoy that message in their inbox and you might end up putting a date on the calendar.

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